In 1945, my grandfather, a first generation Norwegian immigrant, needed to fix a carburetor on his 1940 Ford motorcar. He did not have the money to pay a mechanic to fix the carburetor, so my grandfather, being the savvy entrepreneur that he was, offered a simple solution stating, “I cannot pay you to fix this for me, but if you teach me how to fix it, I’ll work off the payment in your shop.” This seemingly simple story shaped the way that I think of business. That simple act of the mechanic teaching my grandfather a simple mechanical skill, led to a lifetime of being able to be self sustainable by solving and fixing problems on the farm. I do not want to have clients who blindly pay me for services; I want to help build creative and adaptive problem solvers so they can better understand their business, and their communications. 

Business Model

I absolutely hate agencies, consultants, and firms that try to sell you all their services, leaving you with a big bill and little substance. You don’t need every service they can (and will) offer; you simply need what will make you successful, and not leaving you paying for their overhead. Not everyone needs a website, not everyone needs content on an Instagram page, but I repeatedly see those agencies with hip and trendy strategists in an old brick building office and beautiful couch and classic decor offering junk services to struggling businesses and nonprofits. They say they will give you a fresh re branding, when all they do is give you a dysfunctional logo and color pallet change. I want to fix issues at the foundation of the organization that drives all future communication to be effective, and relevant to the target audience. 

Trusted Advisor

I have had such a remarkable journey full of experiences, which have provided me with the ability to assess and develop effective strategies in many different capacities. I have had a successful 17-year military career, allowing me to understand organizational Mission, Vision, Values and internal communication to reach high levels of effectiveness. As a licensed social worker working for a Member of Congress, I was able to understand brand strategy, personality, and voice over short and long-term positioning efforts. While operating as an Associate Executive Director of a multi-million dollar foundation, I was able to create an effective donor and sponsor development strategy to raise funds for events and annual giving, as well as develop a communication and brand strategy from scratch to create consistent and relevant communication across the organization. Not to forget a bachelors degree in behavioral health and a masters degree in strategic communication from the Univeristy of Minnesota. 

Keep it Simple

Far too often, I have come across leadership that understand how effective communication can make their work easier. I thought that communications are quite simple and easy but it turns out that is not the case. Communications is my life and passion, so I find myself in a communication vacuum, constantly consuming information and different approaches to problem solving, and tools, tips and tricks that work. This helps me take complex problems and simplify them into easy actionable steps. Simplification is the backbone of Strategies Simplified; taking seemingly complex and complicated ideas, and honing them down into manageable strategies and tactics.