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The ONE Thing: Gary Keller

I bought this book at a transitional point in my life; I had just bowed out of what was to be my third and final deployment to the Middle East after an 18-year career as a professional soldier. I was bored with the books I had brought with me, so I walked around the small bookstore at the El Paso airport and found this gem.

I read this book a while ago, but its themes and key points stayed with me. This book is very well written, with underlines and emphasis on key points throughout the book. Like Marie Kondo, this book pushes you to recognize clutter in your life and remove it. I used Kondo’s methods while downsizing my apartment before I was scheduled to deploy, I took almost everything I owned and sold it on Facebook Marketplace, or gave it away; the feeling of relief was indescribable. This book attempts to push the reader to do the same in other aspects of their life. 

Not only should we focus on what is important, we should find high impact projects that will make other tasks easier, or nonexistent. The example used in the book was the physics behind dominos; each domino can knock down a domino that is 50% larger than itself. With this formula, one domino could knock down the Eifel Tower within 23 dominos, and well over Mount Everest within 31. The key lesson behind this is that success is linear, and by taking on one challenge at a time, we build momentum exponentially. Your time and attention is precious, be careful where you spend it. 

When life happens, you can be either the author of your life, or the victime of it. 

We cannot take control of our time without taking responsibility for our own lives. The author provides many examples and motivating content about how to take responsibility of yourself, your career, and your success. We constantly set goals that are doable, without finding goals that make us stretch and grow to increase the possibility of greater things. This book clearly defines a pathway to mastery of this process and how to formulate goals and block out time to focus on achieving them.

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I highly suggest this book to any professional wanting to improve their time management and career trajectory.

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